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Repair headset HS-23 from the NOKIA

Brought me a headset HS-23 to pull out the wire, reaching for the phone.

All work on the recovery sets is illustrated in the photo.

To get started, explain the headset.

Reveals a plastic plate on the adhesive layer, and gently remove it.

Now you need to remove the top cover. Deduct the screwdriver from the wires going to the phone. First, on the one hand, and then the other. Remove the covers and click.

Gained access to the four screws. Twist off them.

Takes charge the headset. Preparation for soldering wires.

Rations as follows:

MIC+ — yellow
MIC- — black
L+ — blue
L- — red/blue
R+ — brown
R- — gold/blue
Serial — golden
VOUT — red
GND — Green

Collect everything in reverse order — the headset works as new.

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  1. Thank you. Mine got snagged on a doorknob and pulled the wires right out. Now i won't have do trial and error.

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